Upcoming - Midnight Dreamers - In a post-dystopian world, two brothers are chased by a relentless hunter after the oldest abandons his labor camp post to seek a refugee haven in order to save his younger brother's future.

2022 - Rock The Cradle - 'Rock the Cradle' is a short dark drama film which follows the journey of a troubled inner voice of a new mother, as she finds herself trapped in a dark space with her new baby.

2022 - Mum Singh

2021 - O.C.D. - Kashi likes her life to be exactly how she planned it for herself and for those close to her. But is it really how she thought it would be?

2019 - Depth of Pyaar - A film about two brothers - Yash is a charismatic young lawyer frustrated in his pursuit of justice, while Ansh is a social recluse due to his medical limitations - and how their lives are overturned when a sociopathic criminal targets them and their loved ones. Both are forced to make decisions about how far they will go for the people whom they love.

2018 - Priya - a timid high school graduate, struggles to find balance between appeasing her conservative Indian mother and preventing her secret relationship with Ashley from falling apart.

2015 - Anarkali - When her beau of nine years leaves her two months before their wedding, Anarkali needs to start her whole life over. She has to navigate dating and the growing pressure to get married in a hybrid Canadian-Indian sphere.

2017 - ReArranged - Faced with an arranged marriage proposal, a rebellious Indian woman seeks to thwart her parents' plans, and their so-called traditional values, only to meet an unexpected suitor in the process.

2016 - Street Soldiers - Not all wars are fought on the battlefield.

2015 - Aaloo Tikki - On a quiet Sunday afternoon, Neha and Akash discuss their relationship, over an Aaloo Tikki (Potato Patty).

2015 - Dowry - Two polarized sisters from an underprivileged family, feud over one dowry while trying to meet the demands of a traditional Indian wedding.

2014 - Anniversary Park - Sachin can't seem to do anything right, and his family & friends don't seem to make things any easier.

2013 - Words to Remember - Sachin can't seem to do anything right, and his family & friends don't seem to make things any easier.

2012 - Out of Time - Sachin can't seem to do anything right, and his family & friends don't seem to make things any easier.

2009 - I D0. Do I? - This is a story about a young man, Raj, who's is about to get engaged and enter a new phase in his life. Having grown up with a close group of friends, he gets a chance to observe their interaction with their spouses. The group of friend all being the same age allows Raj to learn from there experiences and their mistakes. His married friends tell him the good points about being married and the fulfillment they received from married life while his single friends downplay the idea of romance and tell him he is making a mistake. Raj is about to get engaged to Priya in front of his family and friends, as is the Indian tradition and on top of it all, Raj has a nightmare the day of the engagement and has now lost all confidence in whether he is doing the right thing. The entire story takes place the day of his engagement as Raj seeks help amongst his friends and family to help him realize whether he is making the right decision. While observing and mingling with his guests he receives insight on marriage. Each group gives him different perspectives until he finally realizes what he wants.

2005 - Hart of Annex - "A Renter's Market" Starving actor, Hart Massey decides to rent an apartment in the Annex neighborhood. Hart Massey, a starving Toronto actor, brings home a cute date under the pretense that he has his own place. When his date finds out that he still lives with his father, Walter, she abandons him forcing the actor to reconsider his lifestyle. So Hart finds an apartment in the Annex that is perfect for his needs. Cheap. But this is only the result of a renter's market currently facing all landlords in Toronto. With so many condos around, Hart can easily talk down his new landlord, The Duke of Davenport. But can Hart provide him with a reference letter from a boss he doesn't have? Not when he's an unemployed actor, he can't. Hence his search for employment begins. From carpentry, to teaching, to waiting tables, to tailoring, Hart tries his hand at anything and fails every time. But when Hart stumbles upon an eccentric owner of a second hand clothing shop, he finds himself working in retail. Will this be enough to keep his place?




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